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May 2020

Without question, we are living in a time that will be written about in textbooks and studied by doctors, economists, and psychologists for decades – if not millennia – to come.  I’m not sure this is the kind of historical moment we always dreamed about being part of, but what choice do we have?  This is our reality now, and much of it is entirely out of our control.

Like all of you, I’m moving through the stages of grief in my own time, and in my own way. Which is to say a little bit of yoga and a lot of wine and tacos. The stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – are not linear, and I find myself vacillating among them.  Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself. I pace the kitchen, looking for smudges on the door or my stainless steel fridge that I can buff out. Or I go outside to hunt for weeds to pull out from between the budding Hostas. Today, just to get away from my kids (I said what I said), I retreated to the master bathroom to clean the toilet. It felt like a vacation to just be alone. Just me, an old rag, and a bottle of Lysol. Sigh.

I was in denial at the start of all this; I couldn’t accept that some random virus half a world away would have much of an effect on my daily life.  When dear friends of mine who live in Shanghai fled to the US on one of the last flights out of China before air traffic was cut off, I was elated to hear they were “safe” here.  How naive I was! Before I knew it, their stories of confusion and nervousness became my own.

Anger, bargaining, depression – they all come in waves for me now.  There are moments (usually when I’m sitting on my patio on a bright warm day) that I forget the chaos and fear. But there are also moments where I’m steeped in it. And in those moments, i just have to hold on tight and remind myself that this too shall pass. 

One of the best ways to cheer myself up is to connect with you, dear readers. I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and Women With Kids is undergoing some major changes. As readership grows, the format will change from a blog to more of a magazine style (hence this whole “letter from the editor” thing). I’ve upgraded the website to include some really cool new features, which you’ll get to see in the coming months. Subscriptions are still free, and I encourage you to sign up.

If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, make sure to follow @womenwithkids. On May 6, I’m excited to be participating in a Facebook Live event hosted by Erin from Stateline Kids. This episode of the “Stay At Home Show” is all about working moms who are making it work!

I would love to hear how you’re doing. Post in the comments below or drop me a note at my new email address, katie@womenwithkids.com.

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