Autumn Vibes: Shoe Edition

As my belly grew during my first pregnancy, so did my feet (not that I could see them at the time). To my horror, I realized shortly after giving birth that my feet, while no longer swollen, were at least a half size larger than they had been before. I tried in vain to wrestle my feet into shoe after shoe, only to discover most of them didn’t fit.

3 Chic & Affordable Styles for Fall

Sure, I could stuff my dogs into ratty old flip-flops and stretched-out tennies, but I was otherwise out of luck. The majority of my shoe collection consisted of high heels anyway, and those don’t mix well with motherhood.

But finding shoes that are stylish yet mom-friendly is harder than it looks, so to save you some time, here are three hand-picked beauties under $70 to get you through fall and beyond. Best of all, you can shop these in your yoga pants on the couch after the kids go to bed.

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1.) Sole Society “Bonny Bootie”

Nothing says fall like leather adorned with shiny zippers, and in both categories, these shoes do not disappoint. I can envision pairing these with some skinny jeans and a thick sweater (that my toddler will probably wipe his nose on at some point) while I try to enjoy a cup of hot cider while it’s still warm.

I love the classic style of these booties, and the heel is at the perfect height: high enough to look chic, low enough to chase after your kid at a moment’s notice if you need to.

Dr. Blatchford, O.D.

2.) Skechers “B Cute Total Catch”

If it’s one thing I abhor about comfortable flats, it’s how frumpy they tend to look.  But I love how the frayed edges give these shoes a fresh, young feel.  Best of all, I can slip these on while holding my purse and my baby since there are no laces to contend with.  There is memory foam cushioning on the inside, too, to keep you happy from the beginning to the end of your next Target run.

3.) Franco Sarto “Susie”

The word “loafer” gives me the chills. Not because this type of shoe doesn’t keep my feet warm, but because I associate them with wrinkly-footed nursing home residents, and I prefer not to look like I qualify for the senior discount at the Cracker Barrel just yet.  But the metallic accents on these, combined with the almond toe and top stitching, earn them a spot on my wish list for fall.  


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