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Sometimes, when I read about the gender pay gap, I feel like I’ve stumbled into a time machine and gone back to 1919. Surely this can’t still be happening in 2019. And if I did travel back 100 years, I’d be in real trouble, because I don’t think microwaves were a thing back then and I’m not fun to be around when I have to work too hard for my food.

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Awhile back, Harvard researchers passed out fake resumes to 192 undergrads and asked them to rate the “applicants” in a variety of categories. These fictitious candidates had similar experience and qualifications, and participants were told which of the job seekers were moms and dads.

Lo and behold, women with kids were considered by the participants to be less competent at their jobs, less committed to their careers, and less likely to be offered a job in the first place compared to men and childfree women. And, when they did get a job offer, it was for less pay.

My mom friends are some of the strongest, smartest, most resourceful people I know. They’re talented problem solvers. They’re expert negotiators. They’re multitaskers of the highest order, and they deserve better.

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