Happy Fall Ya’ll: Legging Season is Here


My appreciation for pants with elastic waistbands is well documented. You’ll rarely find me wearing anything else. I like clothing that really lets me move so I can hop over baby gates, take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood, and crouch down to pick crumbs up off the floor 784 times a day. And judging from the outfits my mom friends wear when we meet up, I’m not the only one having a love affair with stretchy pants.

“Athleisure” is what they’re calling it these days. Are you on your way to the gym? Do you just want to be comfy? Do you need the extra room because you went to Chipotle for lunch? That’s for you to know. The rest of the world is too busy checking out your butt to ask why.

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Best For Everyday

Can you really argue with basic black leggings? No. They go with everything and literally everyone knows black is the most slimming color in existence.

Best For Actual Exercise (or the School Drop-Off Line)

Angled cutouts are flattering on pretty much every body type. I LOVE texture on leggings and these have it in abundance. The deep purple color works well with most skin tones, too, which helps during those fall and winter months when my golden summer glow starts to fade.

Dr. Blatchford, O.D.

Best For Dressing Up (Or Not)

The rich navy color with pops of gold make these leggings perfect for dressing up.

Best for Short Girls

Short… petite… vertically challenged. Whatever you want to call it. The ombre pattern on these babies will give anyone’s stems a serious lift. Plus they’re pretty.

A Word of Caution

I’ve noticed (and so have you, I’m sure) that not all athletic pants are created equal. If you’ve ever caught a glance of someone wearing leggings so tight that the individual fibers are clinging to one another for dear life and exposing things which were not meant for your eyes to see, you’ll know what I’m saying. Or there’s the leggings that fit well but the fabric is thinner than Calista Flockhart circa 1998, so every last dimple of cellulite is visible.

Let me be crystal clear that I’m not here to shame anyone for their size or their thighs. We moms are beautiful exactly the way we are. It’s not us; it’s those dang cheap leggings we keep buying (I’m looking at you, Old Navy).

The leggings pictured above are from Zyia, a relatively new company (3 years old) that sells through independent reps. I’m not associated with Zyia but my good friend Beth is. She likens the brand to Lululemon or Athleta but at a more affordable price point. Shop her store here.

What are some fall staples you can’t live without? Tell me in the comments!

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