The Secret to Planning a Family Vacation

Recently, my husband and I took a much-needed break in Jamaica. For five glorious kid-free days, we had not a care in the world, save for what time the swim-up bar opened or whether we wanted pasta or sushi for dinner.

The resort we stayed at was adults-only, but its “sister” property – which welcomed kids – was more like its conjoined twin. It was hard to tell where one property ended, and the other began. Knowing this, we had anticipated spending most of our time at the no-kid pool, but its waters were infested with sweaty, over-served twenty-somethings. We gravitated toward the family pool, where the vibe was much more relaxed.

I was ecstatic to be sunning myself by the pool with a drink in my hand, but I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy when I saw parents nearby with their toddlers. A little girl grinned as she jumped off the ledge of the pool into her dad’s arms. A couple of boys with floaties on their arms paddled around while their mom looked on, smiling.

When I think about taking vacation with my little family (husband, 39, and two boys, 3 and 1), images of their smiling faces swirl around in my brain. I picture us all having a great time in the sun, building sandcastles on the beach, and taking in the scenery.

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There’s just one problem: In order to go on a family vacation, you have to actually plan it. Traveling with kids is a whole new ballgame, and its one that I’m terrified to play. Which resorts are best for kids? Should we go to Disney? How am I going to pack all this baby food into my luggage? And so on.

But I think I’ve found the secret to planning a family vacation without losing my mind, and here it is:


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I mean, you should still go, but have someone else do the planning for you.

Recently I got the chance to sit down and chat with my friend Sandra Chu, who helps families plan vacations with The Enchanted Traveler. She specializes in Disney trips but she does all types of family getaways. She can even help parents of kids with special needs – like sensory issues or those on the spectrum – plan vacations at inclusive properties. I recorded our conversation so I could share it with you!

Sandra shares useful family travel planning tips with me (and baby).

You can get ahold of Sandra to request a free consultation here.

Godspeed, mamas!

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