Letter From the Editor

June 2020

You know how when a woman starts a sentence with “First of all…” she’s about to unload?



I’m enraged by the acts of aggression – both large and small, against the Black community. Students of history know that while slavery was outlawed in 1865, the oppression of Black people did not end. And more than 150 years later, the spores of racism are still hanging around, spreading the toxic mold of hate. This is not political. This is not rhetorical. This is about the sanctity of life. I understand that I will never understand. But I will stand with my Black friends and neighbors. I will elevate their voices. I am a white woman learning.

Second of all, for those who are ready to face the truth about America’s history of racism, I highly recommend “The Warmth of Other Suns” by Pulitzer Prize winner Isabel Wilkerson. I could scarcely put it down. This book changed my understanding of Black culture and opened my eyes to systemic racism in action. Check it out at your local library or get your copy using my Amazon Affiliate link (click here). Any affiliate commission received will go straight to non-profit organizations dedicated to fighting racism.

Okay. Deep breaths. On with my letter…

In May, I teamed up with The Nerd Boutique to offer you the chance to win one of three super cute “mommy and me” mask sets. YOU HAVE TO ENTER BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to be included in the drawing. >> Hop to it! <<

And, if you were asleep at the wheel and missed the LIVE Facebook show I did with Erin from Stateline Kids, check out the recording. We had a very candid conversation during which I drank a pint of craft beer while I shared my weird self-care habit and how I really feel about having my lovely husband home 24/7 now. >> watch it <<

I mentioned last month that some cool new features were coming, and I want to share one of them. You can now rate posts on Women With Kids! Look for the stars at the bottom of each post and leave your score. I want to know which stories you like most so that I can bring you more pieces just like them.

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Speaking of stories, you can now catch me on Medium! Check out my first post: Is This Why You’re Angry All the Time? I’d love to hear what you think!

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